A cow and a goat

Adapted for children
(Free children’s stories)

 Children's story adopted by Allama Iqbal

Once there was a cow in a verdant pasture filled with the pleasant fragrance of Spring.
brooks of blue and sweat water flow there with pride. Around was surrounded by countless trees of pomegranate and pipal.
And the sounds of birds and cool breezes fill the air with love. Then a Goat appeared at the bank of that brook from somewhere who was also browsing.
She stopped browsing for a while and looked around. She found a cow was also standing there. Just to have some nice talk with the cow little goat paid regards (Salaam) and she started talking in a very tactful tone.
Goat:- Most respected madam Cow! How are you doing
Cow:- Not very well.
Then she began to complain about, many things.
Cow:- I’m surprised and cursing at the people who are not as good as ALLAH had honoured them.
We Poor are very helpless and we do not have any power. Misfortune always treats badly poor like us.
Man is very cruel. One should never do any favors or help to a man. Because no one gets fruits of his help and nice dealing with man.
Then she said:-  If milk of me decreases’ he mourn me. When I turn into old age or loses me energy he sold me out. It is me who is feeding his children and they get energy and grown up very well because of my milk.
And in return for my best, I get evil from him. After hearing all these complaints the goad disagreed with the cow.
She said:- I know the truth is always bitter and no one likes to hear it. But I will say what is right. All these green grasses, trees, shadows are because of a man. It is he because of whom we are living in pleasure and happiness. So Tell me if freedom is better or his bondage?
You know we have fear of many animals. And we always seek protection from the wilderness. So It is just because of his kindness we are living happily and safely. If you acknowledge the comforts he provides us you will never complain about him.
The cow was ashamed of his complaints and felt sorry. He reviewed the little talk of goat about good and bad and accepted that hence goat has a small body but her words are very powerful and convincing.
                   Adiba Anwar
This is a moral and reading children’s story. Share your thoughts about this story. 
Which kind of stories your children do love and enjoy more? Moral, reading, Prophets stories or stories of heroes?
The story is adapted from the poetry by Poet of East Allama Iqbal.
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