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Here is the “First Hades and story of Our hadith with stories course for kids.

Day 7. Lesson No 6

Hadith no 6:- Modesty

Our Prophet (PBUH) said, 

‘Haya is the part of faith.’

This Hadith is from Sahih Muslim no.37

Dear kids, the topic of our Hadith for today is ‘ Haya’

The Name of the story is: ‘A Robber’

This topic is a bit difficult to understand but its story is very interesting.

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What is Modesty?

Dear kids, 

Haya means modesty, shame, and self-respect. 

It includes respecting and obeying your elders, avoiding immoral conversations, and not uncovering your body in front of others.

Many times people tell a lie, steal things or have fights, and misbehave with others. But instead of feeling sorry and apologizing, they tease others more.

Dear kids, this is a very bad habit. It damages our built-in nature of haya and we become immoral. In order to be modest and a person of haya, we should say sorry if we do something bad by mistake.

Story of A Robber

Now let’s hear a story to understand this concept better.

This story is about a child and some robbers.

Kids, do you know who robbers are? 

A robber is a person who snatches things and money from others forcefully.

A long time ago, there was a child who was learning basic Islamic education. To continue his studies, he had to travel to another city called Baghdad. As there were no vehicles in old times, it was difficult to travel from one place to another so people traveled on horses and camels in the form of groups called caravans.

The child’s mother sent him to Baghdad with a caravan.

Before leaving for the journey, the mother gave her son some money. She sewed the money inside the pocket of his shirt in order to hide it so that no one would be able to see it.

She also advised him, ‘O my child, never tell a lie. Always speak the truth, and study well there.’

Dear kids, as the journey was long, it took them many days to reach the place. On their way, the caravan stayed at a place near the forest for one night. While they were resting, a group of robbers attacked them. They went to all the passengers one by one and snatched their money from them.

One robber came to the child and asked,

‘what do you have with you?’

The child answered, ‘I have 40 rupees.’

 The robber laughed and said, ‘are you joking with me?’ In old times, 40 rupees was a big amount. Hence, the robber thought it was impossible for that little child to carry that amount. So he went away.

Then, another robber came who also asked the child if he had anything valuable to give.

The child replied that he had 40 rupees.

This robber also thought that the child was joking so he went away.

A third robber came and asked the same question. Again the child answered that he had 40 rupees. The robber searched for the boy but he could not find the money. He got angry and took the child to his leader. He told him that the child was lying about having 40 rupees but he had no money in his pockets.

The leader of the robbers threatened the child,

‘O, little boy, do you know if you tell a lie I will give you a strict punishment!

Tell me where is the money that you claim to have?’ 

The child replied, ‘I didn’t tell a lie. I really have 40 rupees.’

Now the leader asked him to show the money.

The child told them that his mother had stitched the money inside his shirt. A robber came to check his shirt and found the money.

They were shocked to see the money! The leader said,

‘O boy why did you speak the truth when you could have saved the money from us?’ The child said that he could not tell a lie because his mother advised him to speak the truth no matter what the situation.

The robber was surprised! He told the boy that since his mother was not with him or watching him, he could have easily lied.

The child said, ‘So what if my mother was not watching me? Allah is watching me all the time. If I tell a lie, Allah will not be happy with me.’

After hearing this, the leader of the robbers started to cry loudly and became unconscious. When he came to his senses, he felt ashamed of himself! This child was so good and pious that he obeyed his mother even in her absence as he had haya and fear of Allah. But the robber felt so unlucky that he had grown old and still didn’t have any fear of Allah.

He felt guilty and cried for a long time. 

After some time when he stopped crying and came to his senses, he repented for his sins and returned all the money to the people of the caravan. 

After that, he started to lead a good life.

The child also got his education and became a pious man and Allah’s servant.

Dear kids, this is haya when a person feels sorry for his sins and has fear of Allah all the time.

Dear kids, if we happen to do something wrong, we should immediately repent to Allah.

We should feel haya from Allah that he is watching us so that we behave well and become Allah’s true servants.

Dear kids, I hope you enjoyed this story.

Now you have to write this Hadith in your book in a beautiful way, learn it, understand it, follow it, and share it with your cousins, friends, and family members.

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