islamic story

Is Morality different from virtue? Are these two separate things? Not.

Then Why do people differentiate Morality from religion? Let’s read an Islamic Story about Virtue and morality.

Dear Students Aslam O Alikum 

Today’s Hadith is about morality. We had already done a hadith about this topic. And do you remember there were 7 Seerah stories in that hadith. . We need this topic and practice regularly. Today our manners and morality are decreasing. Many of us don’t even smile without reason. Our faces and our expression are at dead steam. We may be good with our friends and strangers outside.

Our society did not understand that our charity and morality begin from home.  We forget the Sunnah of our prophet. We don’t deal appropriately with our youngsters, our servants, our children, and our family members. And children are the biggest victim of this behavior.  They misbehave and react poorly as well as they are also losing their temper at minor things. We have no relation to each other. So we must learn the Seerah of our prophet and the gems of Islam.

Let’s start our today’s hadith. Sahih Muslim 2553

Islamic Story

My dear students, Our prophet was very kind and generous with others. He is the biggest example of Good morality. It is easy to show our morality to others, but when someone tries to hurt us or do bad to us, then how we behave shows our morality. Today I will tell you a story of a woman who behaved so badly with our Prophet SAW but in response, our Prophet SAW was so generous with her.

Once there was an Old woman. She was not Muslim. She heard about our Prophet SAW that he is against idol worship. She was scared of the change. She can’t understand where this is coming from. She was in her old age and she could not understand anything.  She started to hate our Prophet SAW silently. She can’t do anything against Prophet SAW because she was old and lived alone at home. She started to show her hate by throwing garbage at Our prophet (nauozobillah). Our prophet SAW often passed through her street. She actually knows the time when Prophet passed through her street.

She would keep garbage and wait for Him. When he passed through her street she threw garbage at him. Our prophet looked at her, She was so old, so in respect of her, he didn’t say anything to her. Now from that day, she did this every time when he passed this street.

But do you know what happened?

One day Prophet SAW passed from the street but she was not there to throw the garbage. The next day she was again not there. Our prophet SAW thought about the woman. And when the next day she was again not there, He asked her neighbor.

Where is the woman who lived in this house?

They told him that she is sick.

The prophet SAW was worried about her. 

He thought about visiting her. He entered his house after getting permission.

When she recognized him, she was so afraid.

She thought,

I’m so weak now. He would take his revenge. I do so badly with him. Definitely, he will harm me.

But she was surprised when he smiled softly. Asked her about her health. He also took care of her. And then left. Then he would visit her till she was healthy. Now she regretted it. She thought this nice man would not be a liar. So she accepted Islam. My dear kids. This happened just because of His Good morality.

Only virtue, love, and sincerity could change a heart.

We should also be very nice and noble with others even if they would be non-Muslims. It is a sunnah of our Prophet. 

Now please write this hadith into your hadith journal and Learn it.

You can make a video of any story of your Morality and send us. Share this story with your Grandparents.


Video of this Islamic story and Hadith

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Islamic Story

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islamic story

islamic story

islamic story

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