Surah-tu-Lahab:111 Surah in Quran (The flame)


Some words about the Surah Al-Masad – 1-5 –

Surah-tu-Masad or Surahtu-Lahab is about uncle of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Abu lahab and his wife. They are cursed in this Surah-tu-Lahab by name But Why? He was happy when his nephew was born. He loved the son of his dead brother. He knew his nephew very closely. But his love turned to hate.

Method of Teaching

Surah-tu-Lahab Our method of teaching. This is how we taught and learned this surah in Many steps.

Step 1 : Introduction of Surah-tu-Lahab

Abu Lahab showed enmity with Holy prophet SAW Just because the teachings were against His fake gods. He was Rich. He had many children .He was proud was proud. So in his pride, he misbehaved. He dusted his hands to look down him. He is the only person in Quran who is cursed with his name in this way. And his wife as well because His wife was partner of his mission.

So Allah promised that both will be punished.1. His hands would be ruined.2. He and his wife would be ruined.3. They would be blazing fire.4. Fibber rope would be in their neck. And his pride, his wealth and sons will not help him……. it is the saddest moment

Step2 : Word to word Translation

From Book ;My first Quran picture book; we do word to word Translation. For word to word translation we also use ms word. So that children can note and memorize the meanings of every word. In the pictures below you can see the class work done by students as well.

Step 3 : Translation and discussion of Surah-tu-Lahab

In this step, we do a full translation of every verse with the help of the pictures in the book. It’s very easy for students to understand the verses with the help of pictures. I really admire the author of this book. When we do a discussion on every verse we discuss some incidents from our life.

We also discuss the do’s and don’t according to the them and lessons we draw from the verses. For example, Abu Lahab dusted his hand in pride. He had many children and was very rich. So for students, it was time to ponder the value of powers. He had men’s power and wealth power. But nothing helped him. So Allah SWT says, whatever a man earns could not help him.

Step4 : Tafseer of Surah-tu-Lahab

We had a deep study on the story and surah from Islamic studies book chapter 30.. Here are some key points noted from the book. Surah-tu-Lahab is a Makki Surah. It has 5 verses. It was revealed after misbehaved of Abu Lahab on mount AS-Safa. When Allah SWT order his PromembersAW to call his family/Tribe member toward Islam. Abue Lahab and his wife left no stone to make the life of Prophet miserable. Hence he ordered his two sons to divorce their wives the daughters of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Step 5 Storytelling

Surah-tu-Lahab is a story of pride of Abue Lhaba. A story of two brothers (Habil and Qabil) from ‘My first Quran story book’ was told about pride/jealousy and hate. This story is about the sons of Adam AS, Habeel and Qabeel. So the result was same. Severe punishment was for Qabeel who was the son of a prophet as well as for Abue Lhab who was the uncle of Holy Prophet. No one can escape from the punishment of doing wrong. The examples of the Sons of Noah AS and Loot As and Father of Ibraheem is also narrated in Quran. My students learned big lessons from the stories.

Abu lahab was a symbol of pride. He was proud to be wealthy and he had many sons , so he was also pride on his men power. As well as his status was also reason of his pride. So here is a story, which is also according to our topic.

Step 5 Infographic of Surah-tu-Lahab

Infographic helps in memorizing translation and its also good for long-term memory. With the help of drawings, children draw images of the Qur’an in their hands but hearts and minds. Which is the favorite activity of the children.

Step 6 Mind map of Surah-tu-Lahab

So we do mind map after completing the Surah. We collect our information and points from the Surah to make mind map. We also do use mind maps from here are some points from the mind map.

Surah-tu-Lahab is makki surah. It has 5 verses. Its theme is pride, jealousy and sever punishment for wrong doors. So cursed people are also mentioned in the Quran.

Step 7 Exercise/revision of Surah-tu-Laha

Exercise from the Islamic studies book was done . Final worksheet like a lap book was also done. The translation was revised and listened by students. Memorisation Task of this surah was also completed During these classes. done.

Alhamdolilah, children learned new Arabic words, Learned lessons from the life of Habeel and Qabeel and from the Seerah stories about Abu lehab and About our Prophet’s teaching style when He SAW called his peoples from Al-Sufa Mountain.

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