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Islamic courses online| Tafsir for Children| Surah Zalzalah 99

Step 1 Introduction of Surah-tu-zalzalah

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Surah -tu-zalzalah is the 99 no Surah in Quran. Its meaning is Shaken. It has 8 verses. It gives us news about day of resurrection. It is a very powerful surah to motivate children to increase small good deeds. And also stop doing minor bad actions which would be shown to us on that day.

Step 2 Word-to-Word Translation and infographic

After the recitation of This Surah, we did Word to word translation from My first Quran with pictures. This is a very good book to explain the meanings with pictures. And children also do infographics according to picture book. We took two days to complete this. All children wrote the word meanings of every Verse. Then we do translations of every verse with the help of pictures in the book.
Children do complete translations in class and later some students also do infographics of every surah.

Tafseer verse by verse

First Day , the Important part was the lesson. How earthquake will shake the earth? So this day has no example but making it easy I asked them to imagine, what we do when we eat snacks or chips when it gets finished. We do shake it and try to bring out the last piece of it even spices.

Same as that earth would be shaken to bring out every burden of it. There would be two important things, humans and hidden treasures of the earth. so men will see gold, jewels, and minerals but they will not look over them.

So no charm for wealth is that day, even if a robber would see, he will regret doing wrong deeds for these useless things.
Then men who died from the first human to last will ask what is matter? Same as in a deep sleep, if someone shakes us awake we will get terrified and ask… what is happening?
The second day was the imagination of the Day of judgment.
Two groups of people. Good doers and wrongdoers. Everyone will see his action of Atom’s weight. Important thing is that, reward or punishment is not mentioned.

But A very good person would be shown the smallest bad action of his life. And wrongdoers will be shown the smallest good actions as well.
Now, what is Atom’s weight? ذَرَّةٍ 
Here is an example. We know there is dust and germs in our atmosphere. Sitting in a room in normal light no one can see. But if sunlight from the window enters our room, we observe massive quantity of dust around us. And this dust could be seen when our furniture gets dirty.

So Same dust we all have some small good and bad actions. To see them we should get the light of knowledge. Or they would be shown to us on the day of judgment.

Step 3 Chapter Of Surah-tu-Zalzalah

We read the chapter of Surah from the Islamic education book. This is our deep tafseer and understanding time. Here we do a discussion and discuss the fact of Surah as well. See the pictures to read how to do tafseer and discussion.

Step 4 Revision for Surah-tu-Zalzalah with exercise

Revision of Word to word translation and full translation will be told students. We do exercises or worksheets after tafseer. We can use play Arabic text to ask word meanings. Here at this step we discuss the theme of the surah and how we can apply it in our practical life. With this we also do complete memorization of Surah.

Step 5 Mind Map

So Infographic at the start of surah and mind map at the end of the surah is an important parts of our class. It impacts children’s long time memory, children can keep them as notes. Children can give information and prepare for tests easily with the help of mind map or infographics. Here are pictures of mind map.

Step 6 Storytelling

The story of Prophet Loot A.S is best for this Surah. When there was a great earthquake and rain of stones on the people of Loot A.S. Or Story of Prophet Uzayr A.S To clear the concept of Life after death. We read stories from the prophet stories books.

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If you want to start this course with me then leave a comment, Email me or enroll your child here.


Tafseer for kids group classes are available online for all time zones. Recommended age for the class tafseer for kids is 9+. These classes are available in English and Urdu. If you want to enroll your child in our classes contact us via.

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