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Step 1: Introduction of Surah-tu-zalzalah:

Surah Zalzalah is 99 chapter of the Quran. It has 8 verses. It was revealed in Makkah.

Surah Zalzalah, also known as “The Earthquake” in English, is a special chapter from the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam. It’s a short but powerful surah that teaches us important lessons about the Day of Judgment and the consequences of our actions.

Imagine a time when the whole Earth shakes and trembles, like when you play with a toy and make it shake on purpose. Surah Zalzalah tells us about a time when the Earth will shake not because of a game but because of something very serious.

In this surah, Allah, who Muslims believe is the Creator of everything, tells us about the events that will happen on the Day of Judgment. It’s like a big, important day when all people will be judged for their actions, both good and bad.

Surah Zalzalah reminds us that even the tiniest of our actions, good or bad, will be shown to us. It’s like a movie where we get to see everything we did in our lives. If we do good things, it will make us happy, but if we do bad things, it will make us feel sad and regretful.

So, this surah teaches us to be good, kind, and honest in our lives because, on the Day of Judgment, our actions will be like a big puzzle, and we want it to be full of good pieces. Just like we try to be the best we can be in school or when playing with our friends, we should also try to be the best we can be in our actions and deeds every day. That way, when the Earth shakes on the Day of Judgment, we’ll have a reason to smile because our puzzle will be full of goodness.

Step 2: Word-to-Word Tajweed, recitation, Memorisation, Translation

We have prepared Videos of tajweed lessons and word meaning /translation of the short surahs. please visit our channels for the video lessons. Here are the written translations and tafsir of the surah.

Verse 1:

  1. إِذَا (Izaa) – When
  2. زُلۡزِلَتِ (zulzilat) – The Earth is shaken
  3. الۡأَرۡضُ (al-ardu) – The Earth
  4. زِلۡزَالَهَا (zilzaalaha) – Its quake or earthquake

Verse 2:

  1. وَأَخْرَجَتِ (Wa akhrajat) – And the Earth will bring forth
  2. الْأَرْضُ (al-ardu) – The Earth
  3. أَثْقَالَهَا (athqaalaha) – Its burdens or loads

Verse 3:

  1. وَقَالَ (Wa qaalaa) – And man says
  2. الْإِنسَانُ (al-insaanu) – The human being
  3. مَا (maa) – What
  4. لَهَا (laha) – Is [wrong] with it

Verse 4:

  1. يَوْمَئِذٍ (Yawma’ithin) – On that Day
  2. تُحَدِّثُ (Tuḥaddithu) – It will report/narrate
  3. أَخْبَارَهَا (Akhbārahā) – Its news or events

Verse 5:

  1. يَوْمَئِذٍ (Yawma’ithin) – On that Day
  2. يَصْدُرُ (Yaṣḍuru) – People will depart/emerge
  3. النَّاسُ (annāsu) – The people
  4. أَشْتَاتًا (Ash’tātan) – In scattered groups
  5. لِيُرَوْاْ (Li-yuraw) – To be shown

Verse 6

  1. بِأَنَّ (Bi-anna) – Because
  2. رَبَّكَ (Rabbaka) – Your Lord
  3. أَوْحَىٰ (Awḥā) – Has inspired/revealed
  4. لَهَا (Lahā) – To it (referring to the Earth)

Verse 7:

  1. فَمَن (Faman) – So whoever
  2. يَعْمَلْ (Ya’mal) – Does
  3. مِثْقَالَ (Mithqāla) – An atom’s weight
  4. ذَرَّةٍ (Tharratin) – Of an atom/small particle
  5. خَيْرًا (Khayran) – Good
  6. يَرَهُۥ (Yarahu) – Will see it

Verse 8:

  1. وَمَن (Wa-man) – And whoever
  2. يَعْمَلْ (Ya’mal) – Does
  3. مِثْقَالَ (Mithqāla) – An atom’s weight
  4. ذَرَّةٍ (Tharratin) – Of an atom/small particle
  5. شَرًّا (Sharran) – Evil
  6. يَرَهُۥ (Yarahu) – Will see it

Step 3: Verse-by-verse Tafsir of Surah Zalzalah (The Earthquake) according to Ibn Kathir:

Verse 1: زُلْزِلَتِ الْأَرْضُ زِلْزَالَهَا

Translation: “When the earth is shaken with its [final] earthquake.”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: In this verse, Ibn Kathir explains that it refers to the earth’s final shaking, which will happen on the Day of Judgment. This shaking will be extremely powerful and will result in momentous events, causing everything on the earth to change. It signifies the end of the world as we know it.

Verse 2: وَأَخْرَجَتِ الْأَرْضُ أَثْقَالَهَا

Translation: “And the earth discharges its burdens.”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir explains that this verse means that the earth will reveal all the deeds, good and bad, that were buried within it. Every person’s actions and their consequences will become evident on the Day of Judgment, and nothing will remain hidden.

Verse 3: وَقَالَ الإِنسَـنُ مَا لَهَا

Translation: “And man says, ‘What is [wrong] with it?’ -“

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir notes that this verse portrays the reaction of human beings on that day when they witness the extraordinary events unfolding. People will be astounded and bewildered by the drastic changes in the earth’s state, and they will question what has happened.

Verse 4: يَوْمَئِذٍۢ تُحَدِّثُ أَخْبَـرَهَا

Translation: “That Day, it will report its news”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir explains that on the Day of Judgment, the earth will bear witness to all that has occurred on its surface, including the deeds of mankind. It will “report its news” by revealing the actions and events that took place on it, testifying to the truth of Allah’s judgment.

Verse 5: بِأَنَّ رَبَّكَ أَوْحَىٰ لَهَا

Translation: “Because your Lord has commanded it.”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir mentions that the earth will narrate its news and disclose everything due to the command of Allah. It is a divine decree that all that was hidden will be exposed on the Day of Judgment.

Verse 6: يَوْمَئِذٍۢ يَصْدُرُ ٱلنَّاسُ أَشْتَـٰٓءَ لِيُرَوْا۟ أَعْمَـٰلَهُمْ

Translation: “That Day, the people will depart separated [into categories] to be shown [the result of] their deeds.”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir explains that on that Day, people will be separated into groups based on their deeds. They will witness the consequences of their actions, whether good or bad. This is a day of judgment and recompense.

Verse 7: فَمَن يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَـٰلَ ذَرَّةٍۢ خَيْرًۭا يَرَهُۥ

Translation: “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it,”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir emphasizes that even the smallest deeds, whether good or bad, will be brought forth on that Day. If someone has performed even the tiniest amount of good, they will see its reward.

Verse 8: وَمَن يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَـٰلَ ذَرَّةٍۢ شَرًّۭا يَرَهُۥ

Translation: “And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Ibn Kathir concludes that similarly, the smallest evil deed will also be shown to its doer on the Day of Judgment. No action, no matter how small, will go unnoticed, and everyone will be held accountable for their deeds.

This Tafsir by Ibn Kathir helps us understand the deeper meanings and implications of each verse in Surah Zalzalah, especially in the context of the Day of Judgment and the consequences of our actions.

Step 4: Verse-by-verse discussion in class

How earthquake will shake the earth? So this day has no example but making it easy I asked them to imagine, what we do when we eat snacks or chips when it gets finished. We do shake it and try to bring out the last piece of it even spices.

Same as that earth would be shaken to bring out every burden of it. There would be two important things, humans and hidden treasures of the earth. so men will see gold, jewels, and minerals but they will not look over them.

When it says “the earth will bring out its burden,” it means that on the Day of Judgment, the Earth will show all the things it has witnessed. Just like when you open a treasure chest to see what’s inside, the Earth will reveal all the good and bad things people have done on it.

So, if someone does something nice, like planting a tree or helping a friend, the Earth will show it. But if someone does something bad, like littering or being mean, the Earth will also reveal that. It’s like the Earth keeping a record of everything, and on the Day of Judgment, it shares that record with everyone. This helps in deciding what happens to each person based on their actions.

So no charm for wealth is that day, even if a robber would see, he will regret doing wrong deeds for these useless things.
Then men who died from the first human to last will ask what is the matter? Same as in a deep sleep, if someone shakes us awake we will get terrified and ask… what is happening?
The imagination of the Day of Judgment.
Two groups of people. Good doers and wrongdoers. Everyone will see his action of Atom’s weight. The important thing is that reward or punishment is not mentioned.

But A very good person would be shown the smallest bad action of his life. And wrongdoers will be shown the smallest good actions as well.
Now, what is Atom’s weight? ذَرَّةٍ 
Here is an example. We know there is dust and germs in our atmosphere. Sitting in a room in normal light no one can see. But if sunlight from the window enters our room, we observe a massive quantity of dust around us. And this dust could be seen when our furniture gets dirty.

So Same dust we all have some small good and bad actions. To see them we should get the light of knowledge. Or they would be shown to us on the day of judgment.

Step 5:Various activities to teach this surah:

Teaching Surah Zalzalah (The Earthquake) to children can be made engaging and fun through various activities. Here are some creative ideas:( Pictures of all activities are in the Gallery)

  1. Infographics: Create simple infographics with visuals and short explanations to illustrate the key concepts and lessons of Surah Zalzalah. Use colorful drawings and symbols to make it visually appealing and easy to understand. ( Pictures of infographics made by our students are in the gallery. We Used ‘My first quran with Picture’ book for the infographic)
  2. Crafting: Craft activities can help reinforce the message of the Surah. For example, create a diorama of the Day of Judgment with tiny figurines and a shaking Earth. You can also make “good deed” and “bad deed” jars where children write or draw actions on pieces of paper and place them in the appropriate jar.
  3. Storytelling: Narrate a story related to the Surah to make it more relatable for children. You can tell a story about a character who did good deeds and another character who did bad deeds, and then discuss the consequences of their actions.
  4. Mind Mapping: Create a simple mind map on a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard. Start with the central topic, “Surah Zalzalah,” and branch out to key points like “Day of Judgment,” “Good Deeds,” “Bad Deeds,” and “Accountability.” Use colorful markers and images to make it visually appealing.
  5. Role-Playing: Have children act out scenarios that demonstrate good and bad deeds and their consequences. Encourage them to discuss and reflect on the actions they portrayed.
  6. Interactive Games: Design games or quizzes related to the Surah. For example, a “Deed Sorting” game where children categorize actions as good or bad, or a quiz to test their understanding of the Surah’s key messages.
  7. Art and Poster Making: Let children create artwork or posters that depict scenes from the Surah, such as the Earth shaking on the Day of Judgment, or scenes representing good and bad deeds. Display their artwork to reinforce the lesson.
  8. Discussion Circles: Encourage group discussions where children can share their thoughts and questions about the Surah. This helps them engage with the material and learn from each other’s perspectives.

Here are some quiz questions related to Surah Zalzalah (The Earthquake) that you can use to test knowledge and understanding:

Quiz 1: Multiple Choice

  1. What is another name for Surah Zalzalah? a) The Earthquake b) The Rainfall c) The Windstorm d) The Sunshine
  2. What event does Surah Zalzalah talk about? a) The Battle of Badr b) The Day of Judgment c) The Prophet’s Migration to Medina d) The Construction of the Kaaba
  3. What does the Earth do on the Day of Judgment according to the Surah? a) It speaks b) It sleeps c) It disappears d) It dances
  4. What is the message of Surah Zalzalah regarding our deeds? a) Only major deeds matter b) All deeds, big or small, are important c) Only bad deeds matter d) Deeds are not important

Quiz 2: True or False

  1. True or False: Surah Zalzalah is a long chapter in the Quran.
  2. True or False: The Earth’s actions are not significant on the Day of Judgment.
  3. True or False: Good deeds are not rewarded on the Day of Judgment.
  4. True or False: Surah Zalzalah teaches us that even tiny actions are accounted for.

Quiz 3: Fill in the Blanks

  1. On the Day of Judgment, the Earth will _______________ all the deeds buried within it.
  2. The smallest unit of good or bad deeds mentioned in the Surah is an _______________.
  3. Surah Zalzalah emphasizes that Allah cares about even the _______________ of our actions.
  4. The Earth will report its news because _______________ has inspired it to do so.

Quiz 4: Matching

Match the following terms from Surah Zalzalah to their meanings:

  1. Earthquake a) The Day of Judgment
  2. Atom’s weight b) Tiny particle
  3. Good deeds c) Day of Earth’s shaking
  4. Accountability d) Positive actions

Answers: Quiz 1: 1-a, 2-b, 3-a, 4-b Quiz 2: 1-False, 2-False, 3-False, 4-True Quiz 3: 1-reveal, 2-atom, 3-tiniest, 4-Allah Quiz 4: 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a

Here are some short reflective questions about Surah Zalzalah (The Earthquake) to encourage deeper understanding and contemplation:

  1. What is the main event described in Surah Zalzalah, and why is it significant for believers?
  2. How does the Surah emphasize the importance of even the smallest deeds in the sight of Allah?
  3. Reflect on the concept of the Earth bearing witness to our actions. What does this teach us about accountability?
  4. Why do you think the Surah mentions both good and bad deeds? How can this knowledge guide our behavior?
  5. Can you think of examples of small good deeds in your life that might seem insignificant but are important in the eyes of Allah?
  6. How can the message of Surah Zalzalah inspire you to be more mindful of your actions and their consequences in this world and the Hereafter?
  7. Imagine the Day of Judgment as described in the Surah. How would you feel about your deeds being revealed? How would it impact your choices today?
  8. Share a personal story or experience where you witnessed the effects of a small good deed or a small mistake. How did it make you feel?


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