These Islamic stories have been crafted to teach Surah Zalzalah. The story reflects the message and lesson we get from the translation and Tafseer of Surah Zalzlah.

The Earth’s Message: Islamic stories

Islamic stories,

Once upon a time in a quiet little village, there lived a young boy named Ahmed. Ahmed was a good-hearted child, but he had a habit of doing many small wrongs without thinking much about them. He would sometimes say unkind words to his friends, forget to follow the rules he had at home, and even take more candies from the jar than he was allowed. Ahmed didn’t stop there; he would also sneak some of the candies when no one was looking, thinking it was a clever trick.

Ahmed was not always respectful of his surroundings either. As he walked through the village, he would kick stones and other things in his way harshly, showing little regard for the property of others. His friends would often remind him to be more considerate, but he didn’t pay much attention.

One night, something extraordinary happened. Ahmed went to bed as usual, but that night he had a vivid dream. In his dream, the ground beneath him began to shake violently. It was as if the whole Earth was quaking! Ahmed was terrified and didn’t know what to do. He saw houses crumbling, trees swaying, and people crying out for help.

As the dream continued, Ahmed found himself on a long and winding road. Along this road, he met strange creatures with shimmering wings. These were the angels, and they were carrying bundles of papers. Curious, Ahmed asked them what those papers were.

The angels replied, “These are the records of your deeds, Ahmed. Every action, good or bad, is written on these papers. Today, the Earth is revealing the deeds of its inhabitants, and you will see yours too.”

Ahmed’s heart sank as he watched the angels open one of his bundles. The first paper they pulled out had the words “Unkind Words” written on it. Ahmed remembered all the times he had spoken harshly to his friends and even used unkind words behind their backs, and he felt deeply ashamed.

Then, the angels showed him another paper that read “Neglecting Chores.” Ahmed recalled all the times he had avoided helping his family, complaining and breaking some rules at home. He regretted his actions even more.

As Ahmed continued on the road, he came across more and more papers, each revealing his small wrongs and hidden misdeeds. He felt weighed down by the guilt of his actions. It seemed like there was no end to these reminders of his mistakes.

But just when Ahmed was about to lose hope, something wonderful happened. The angels showed him a tiny paper that read “Sharing Candies.” Ahmed remembered the times he had shared his candies with his little sister and friends. He also saw another paper that read “Helping a Friend in Need.” Ahmed remembered the day he had helped his friend fix his bicycle.

He also saw another paper that read ‘’Fear of Allah when scrolling his phone’’

There were so many papers with single words

‘apology‘ ‘waiting for turn’

‘gratitude’ ‘console’

‘smiley face’ ‘socialization’

These small but kind deeds brought a smile to Ahmed’s face. As the angels continued to show him his good actions, Ahmed felt lighter and happier. The weight of his small sins began to fade away.

Finally, Ahmed woke up from his dream, feeling both relieved and enlightened. He realized that every little deed, good or bad, mattered. His dream had shown him the importance of being mindful of his actions and their consequences.

From that day on, Ahmed made a promise to himself to try his best to avoid small wrongs, hidden misdeeds, and unkind actions. He also decided to be more considerate of the feelings of others. He knew that even the tiniest acts of kindness could make a big difference, just like they had in his dream.

As Ahmed grew older, he became known in his village for his kindness and helpfulness. He learned that by being mindful of his actions and striving to do good, he could not only make his own life better but also bring happiness to those around him.

And so, the story of Ahmed teaches us all that every small deed matters, and even the smallest acts of kindness can have a big impact on our lives and the lives of others.

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