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This is hadith no 12

Lesson no 13

The topic of the Hadith patient

Story of Prophet Ayob A.S most patient man on the earth.

The topic of today’s Hadith is patience and the story is about the patience of Prophet Ayoob AS.

The discussion on the Hadith about patient

My dear kids, let me ask you a question. What do you do when you fell or lose your favorite thing or when you get sick? Do you cry? Or do You get worried? But my dearest, if you would do saber and show your strengths in that awkward situation Allah would give you a reward and He will be happy with us. Same as Allah was happy with Prophet Ayoob AS. 


The story of Prophet Ayob A.S

Prophet AS. Prophet Ayoob AS  was the most patient man on this earth. Allah gave him healthy and prosperous life. But he never got arrogant but he helped others. He used to say Alhamdolilah and prostate more and more after getting a blessing from Allah.  Allah was very happy with him.

Once two angels were talking about Prophet Ayoob AS. They were saying Ayoob AS is the best person on this earth. Allah had chosen him just because of his obedience,  patience, and Ibada. He is a good exam of a true believer in Allah. 

Because of these qualities, Allah granted him, a long, wealthy life, good health, and many children. He is very good with family friends and servants, he frees the slaves and spends money on the poor. Shytan was listening to all this. He got angry with jealousy.  He wanted to snatch all his wealth and prosperity.  

He tried many tricks to stop Yaqoob AS, but he was steadfast.  He never stopped good deeds. After failing, one-day shytan recalled Allah and said, O Allah! Ayoob is so grateful just because he has everything in his life.

His life is full of blessings.  I challenge If you would snatch all his blessings he would be complaining and no more grateful to you.

Allah replied! “No, it would not happen. He would not lose his dignity and gratefulness even if he had nothing.” Shytan said, ” O Allah allow me to do so, I will snatch all from him. And mislead him. Hence he would be ungrateful.

Allah said, “Go and do whatever you can. You will find my servant more obedient and patient. 

Then shytan started his job. He recalled all his helpers.  He started from his wealth and business. He destroyed all his fields and killed his cattle. Nothing was left.

  And then shytan went to meet Ayoob AS in the form of an old man and showed his empathy. He said you lost all your wealth. It is very sad. It is just because you were always busy in your Ibada and you don’t look after your business.

On the other side, you were giving a lot of Sadqa. But Ayoob AS did not agree with him. He said it’s just a trial from Allah and Allah is very kind to me always.

Then he started to prostrate.  Shayan was disappointed.  Now the devil was more in anger. Then shytan thought that everyone love his children and family. So I would attack his family. He called all his helpers and attacked his house.

His helpers lifted the house of Ayoob AS and crashed down. All his children died in this accident only his wife was alive.  Ayoob AS heard this news with a broken heart. , he was worried and sad. But he didn’t complain.

  Shytan went to meet him again as a friend. And said, “you are a true believer of Allah and a very true servant of Allah. Allah did this very wrong with you”. Ayoob AS said “it is Allah’s will. It is a trial from  Allah. He gives and takes it back.

Then Ayoob AS started to prostrate Allah gratefully.  Shytan was in great anger. He was burning with anger. But He was not disappointed. He came back with another supper Idea. 

Now he was going to attack his health. He wanted him to make him so weak that he could not do Ibada. So Ayoob AS was affected with a very bad skin allergy.

His disease was so bad that even his relatives and people of the village left him and kicked out him of the village. He started to live in a hut outside the village with his wife.  His wife took care of him. He got sick for a long time. He was very patient. He never cried. He was still praising Allah. He and his wife were spending their time in Ibada.

Shytan has failed. He was shocked. He thought how a man could be so patient.  He has nothing,  but still praises Allah.  He thought no man could escape from me. He was wandering around the hut.

Suddenly he saw the wife of Ayoob AS and an Idea clicked into his mind. He went to meet her and showed his sympathy. He asked about Ayoob AS and said,

” Ah! What a big loss.

Once there was a time you had everything. You had many children and good wealth.  but now there is no one with you.  Ayoob AS is a true servant of Allah. But Allah is not helping him. My heart is weeping for you.”

The women started to cry. Then she returned to her husband and said, “my dear, you are s pious servant of Allah.  Why you don’t pray to Allah to ease our troubles and end our trials?”.

Ayoob AS Got angry.  And said, “o my poor wife Allah gave us everything for several years.  And now you want me to complain to Allah for a short trial. I know, you are trapped by shaytan. I will beat you to a hundred brooms when I am healthy again. Now go away.  I don’t need you.”

The wife was regretful. She went out. Meanwhile then the angel of Allah came to meet Ayoob AS. He said” you are successful.  ALLAH  is happier with you now. Your trial has ended.”

Ayoob’s AS disease has disappeared. Her wife returned back. He fulfilled his swear by touching her 100 times with a bunch of grass. Later they got more children and wealth. 

This is how Allah showers his blessings at true believers. ء

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