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Hadees no 10

Lesson no 11

Topic of hadithBeauty

Story. A Princess

Hadith about beauty


Our Prophet Muhammad SAW said in this Hadith that,

Allah is Beautiful and he likes Beauty. The topic of this hadith is Beauty and The name of the story is a beautiful princess. This hadith is taken from Sahi Muslim 91

Dear kids this hadith is one of the attributions of Allah. If we see into nature, We will see beautiful flowers, butterflies, and many insects at them, mountains, stars, and moon in the sky, oceans, fruits, colors, and everything in this world is so beautiful. Babies and we also are the best and innocent creations of Allah.

Now it is our duty that lives very cleanly and keeps things around us clean. Our prophet Muhammad SAW was also the cleanest and most well-dressed person. So following the Sunnah will make us happy and also reward us to be thankful to Allah.

Story-A beautiful Princess


Once there was A princess who was very beautiful. Her parents took the best care. But she was very lazy. She always lives in dirty clothes, She often doesn’t care about hair and would leave them uncombed. Her teeth were yellow because she does not brush them for days.

She had many servants and maids who were ready to offer their services. Instead of asking them to clean her room, her clothes, and her closets, she would play all the time with her maids. So her room was also dusty and dirty. Her mother queen also spent more time on other activities. So there was no one to guide her. 

 Once they had a family trip. They camped near the beautiful bank of a river. They were enjoying themselves. The servants were cooking and serving food.  After a meal, everyone started to wander here and there, Everyone was busy with their favorite activities. King started to play polo.

The princess also went for a walk with the maids of her age. They go for a run on the bank of the river. They showered water on each other. She took off her shoes. Their clothes were wet. Then they plan to play hide and seek with her maids.

She went too far from her camps and got lost. She wandered here and there to find her camping but no use. Now she was worried. She was running around. And in this interval, she was too far from her camp. Her clothes were now dirty and tortured in some places. But she did have no problem with it. She was also hungry.

Finally, she reached a village. She saw a hut outside the village. She went there. She found an old man and an old woman. She told them that she is lost. She also told them that I’m a princess. My parents must be searching for me But the night is here. I want to shelter and some food to eat. Please allow me to stay with you. The old couple looked at each other.

 Her clothes were dirty and her hair was uncombed. Her nails were long and dirty. Both of them thought she must be lying. And she could harm them. But they do not want to say no. Because if she would be a princess as she is saying, then her father king May harm them for not helping his daughter.

They were in big problems. Finally, they decided to keep her with them. They were judging her and were alert for any situation. She did not eat happily because the food was not like her royal style. Then she went to sleep. But she could not sleep. Because the bed was so hard.

She was missing her soft and comfortable bed. Old people were observing her restlessness. Now they believe that she is really Princess. So in the morning, they asked her how was night. She said I can’t sleep overnight. Your beds are too hard.

They smiled and said, Ooo poor girl you are a princess. We know our home and facilities don’t meet your status. Now it’s time to help you. Your family will be soon here, as we already had sent some boys from the village to find your camping place. But we want to say something.

Ohh how kind are you? I’m really very thankful to you. Yes please say what you want to say. The old woman said,’ Little, beautiful girl, you are very nice and beautiful. Allah made you perfect. I must say you take care of yourself. It would help if you always kept it clean and  Neat.

It’s Sunnah and half of our Iman. Allah Almighty is beautiful and he likes Beauty and cleanliness. You are a princess. You have many servants and maids to help you. But this does not mean that you live in such a rough outlook. Do you know that we did not believe that you are a princess?

The girl was regretting herself. She noticed that the old woman is poor but her dress was so clean, Her hairs were white and made nicely. Her house was also maintained. She promised that she will always remember her advice. In the meanwhile, Some horsemen came there with her Horse cart and she rode on it. She waved her hands and left the hut with a very good lesson.

Dear kids, you all are also very beautiful and perfect human beings. So always try to live clean and well-managed. So that Allah will love you and give you a reward to follow His Sunnah. 

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