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Lesson no 8

Hadith no 7 about morality (Jamia Tirmidhi)

7 Seerah stories for kids

Hadith-What is Morality?

AslamoAlikum dear children! Dear children, are you all fine and well? Hopefully, you will be enjoying the stories and hadiths. And I hope you will be memorizing your hadiths too. Our today’s Hadith story is about Morality. And our prophet SAW is the best example of Good morality. Let’s read our hadith first …………………………………


Dear children, after listening to the hadith, you must have understood that today we will talk about good behavior, that is how we have to communicate with others, how to behave, and which habits we should adapt.

So, dear children, if we talk about good deeds, the best example we have is the life of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

Dear children, today we will study some Pleasant moments from the life of our beloved Prophet from which we can learn how to live happy with each other and make our morals very good and loving too. Our Holy Prophet was very nice to others in all matters. His way of talking was very nice. He used to make jokes also but he never hurt any one. He never told a lie even in a joke and told us to do the same. 

So dear children, let me tell you some stories today!

Story no 1| Who will Buy this slave?

Our first incident today is about our beloved prophet and a villager. Once a villager Zuhr bin Haram used to come to sell his goods in the bazaar of Madinah, so dear children, he became a friend of our beloved prophet He had become a companion of our Prophet. One day he brought his goods and put them in the bazaar of Madinah and began to sell them. When our Prophet passed by, he saw him and went behind him with ease and snatched him and seized him with force. Couldn’t see but realize that it could be none other than our beloved prophet 

 So dear children, Zuhr bin Haram, companion of the Prophet did not try to save himself but stood comfortably because he felt good but our prophet had mischievous, he started shouting loudly, “Who will buy this slave?” When people heard that a slave seller had come here, all the people started gathering there and all the companions who were there enjoyed it and everyone started smiling.

Then the Prophet left Zuhr bin Haram and said, ‘Tell me how are you now.’ Zuhr bin Haram just smiled because he enjoyed this. Dear children, see how the little joke changed the atmosphere and the whole market was happy with this joke.

Story no 2|Ali! You ate too Many Dates

Dear children, not only this when our beloved Prophet notice that his companions are sitting quietly and saying nothing so he then tries to make the atmosphere a little pleasant and for this, our Prophet once did such a thing that everyone smiled a lot. I will tell you what it was.

Once Hazrat Ali (RA) and our beloved Prophet were sitting and eating dates. Some other Companions were also sitting nearby and they were also eating dates. Our Holy prophet was eating dates and putting all kernels of dates in front of Hazrat Ali (RA). 

Ali (RA) was watching all this but he remained silent because he did not know what our Prophet was going to do. So when all the dates were gone, our beloved Prophet said:

Ali, you have eaten so many dates. Look at your kernels in front of you. When Ali (RA) saw that there were indeed a lot of kernels in front of him, he started smiling and understood why he was putting kernels in front of him. When the companions saw their kernels they were less than Hazrat Ali and it was too much for Hazrat Ali (RA), so all the companions smiled and enjoyed it.

Dear children, not only this, but the whole life of our beloved Prophet is an example of good morals.

Story no 3|Camels Baby (The Calf)

As our prophet said on another occasion it was a joke but not a lie. Do you know what that joke was?

The joke was that once an Arab Bedouin came to Holy Prophet and said, “O Messenger of Allah, I am very poor, give me something. Our beloved Prophet said to him, ‘Well, I will give you a camel’s calf.’

Arab Bedouin said, “What shall I do with the camel’s calf? I shall not be able to ride on it nor shall it be of any use to me”. Our beloved prophet smiled at him and said, “O Bedouin, do you not know that every camel is a calf of a camel”. Now, this Arab understood this very well. He left with a camel and some other goods.

So, dear children, such light-hearted jokes make us happy from the inside too, and make others happy too. So, dear children not only with jokes but we should keep others happy with our habits and good deeds. Just like our Prophet, we should try to make other people happy.

Story no| Grapes are sour!!!

Our Holy Prophet Once a villager Bedouin brought a basket full of grapes for Holy Prophet and the grapes were sour but the villager did not know this. Now our Prophet ate all the grapes one by one.

The companions of our Prophet who sat with him were surprised to see all this because they were thinking that as usual Prophet ﷺ will give them grapes too. Our Holy Prophet ﷺ didn’t give them a single grain.  The Arab was very happy that our Prophet ate all the grapes I had brought. So he happily went from there.

After he left, one of the companions said, “O Messenger of Allah, you have never done this before. You used to distribute something with us whenever you eat. Today you have not given us grapes.”

Our Prophet said, “Look when I ate the first grape, it was sour, so I ate all the grapes myself so that none of you would eat the grapes and make fun of it or make fun of the villager who brought sour grapes, so I ate all grapes myself and make his heart happy. So beware of how our prophet kept the hearts of others happy and kept them happy too.

Story no 5| A race with Aysha RA.

He not only keep other people happy but he also kept his family very happy.

Our beloved Prophet’s wife Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah (may Allah be pleased with her) says that once our Prophet was going with us on a journey. On the way, our caravan went a little ahead and we both stayed behind so our Prophet said Ayesha R.A, let’s have a race.

Ayesha R.A said, “O Allah’s Apostle, you will run.” He said, “Yes, I will run and you will run with me.” Hazrat Ayesha said, “Okay. So both of them started running.” As Hazrat Ayesha (RA) was thin and young so she ran fast and went ahead. Our beloved Prophet was left behind, but our beloved Prophet was not disturbed by this and began to smile.

A few years later, Hazrat Ayesha (RA) and Holy Prophet were going on a journey again. On the way, our Prophet said again, “O Ayesha, let us have a race.” Hazrat Ayesha (RA) said, “All right. At that time, Hazrat Ayesha (RA) became a little fat, so she did not run faster than him. Our Prophet said: Ayesha, I have won today. So this is the contest ended up at an equal level. Hazrat Ayesha was also very happy and started smiling

So dear children, we should make small jokes with family members, and should also be cheerful and competitive. You should also play, but you should not fight and you should gladly accept the victory of others.

Yes, you like the stories of our prophet 

So what do you think should we stop these stories or just want to hear more?

Hmmm, I know your heart right now. No, but dear children, there are many such incidents in the life of our Prophet. So let me tell you another story.

Story no 6| Help of An old women

Once an old woman was going somewhere in the heat and sun carrying a lot of things. The Prophet of Allah saw her and said, “Give me your luggage. I will carry it. This woman gave her luggage to Prophet. The Prophet of Allah picked up her luggage and took it with him.”

On the way, the Prophet asked the woman, “Where are you going, oh old lady?” She said, “I am leaving this city. I have heard that a sorcerer has come to this city who has made all people Muslims.” I am leaving this city for fear of him. At the same time, she was cursing the beloved prophet.

She said, “He is very bad.I knew he is a magician. I am very afraid of him. You should also avoid him.” Our Prophet did not take care of what she was saying  at all but kept smiling secretly. When the woman noticed that the boy had a very sweet and gentle smile and a gleam on his face. She was very surprised but did not ask anything when she reached her destination, the woman asked, “young man, what is your name?”

Our beloved prophet said: I am Muhammad , prophet of Allah. When this woman heard his name, she was very ashamed and surprised that he was such a good person. He also helped me. I kept saying bad things to him but he didn’t say bad things about her. How can this sorcerer? But he will be a prophet of Allah. So this woman converted to Islam, inspired by our Prophet’s morals and good speech.

So dear children, did you see how even non-Muslims would have embraced Islam, inspired by the good manners and habits of our Prophet 

We have to listen to these events and enjoy them and feel close to our beloved prophet and our real job is to follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet and treat others with kindness and we shouldn’t never be harsh with anyone.

Dear children, remember that good morals were the way of our beloved Prophet 

You have to adopt it as a Sunnah.

You have to write the hadith well and remember that you have to tell the story to your younger siblings and grandparents.

Good dear children, today’s series of hadith and story is over, take care of yourself and try to adopt good manners.

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