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Islamic Studies and Quran Tajweed/Tafseer with 121 Islam for Kids for children of all ages living in UK.!

Are you searching for a comprehensive and engaging online learning experience for your children to explore the beauty of Islamic teachings UK? Look no further! 121 Islam for Kids proudly presents its Online Islamic Studies Classes and Quran Tafseer specifically designed for children of all ages and time zones.

Our interactive and dynamic classes offer a rich curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of Islam. From the pillars of faith to the stories of the prophets, your child will embark on an enlightening journey through the core principles and values of our beautiful religion.

What sets 121 Islam for Kids apart is our focus on Quran Tafseer, unraveling the deep meanings and wisdom behind the verses of the Holy Quran. Our experienced and qualified instructors guide students through interpreting Quranic passages, allowing them to develop a profound connection with the words of Allah.

Convenience is key, and we understand the importance of accommodating different time zones. That’s why our classes are available in both morning and evening time slots, ensuring that every child can participate at a suitable time. We strive to make learning accessible and flexible for students from all around the world.

What to Expect from our Online Islamic Studies Classes and Quran Tafseer:

  1. Engaging and Interactive Sessions:
    • Our lively and interactive sessions captivate children’s interest, fostering a love for learning about Islam.
    • Engaging discussions, multimedia resources, and visual aids keep students actively involved throughout the classes.
  2. Expert Instructors:
    • Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching children, ensuring a nurturing and supportive learning environment.
    • They possess a deep understanding of Islamic teachings and employ effective teaching methodologies to cater to various learning styles.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum:
    • Our well-structured curriculum covers a broad range of Islamic subjects, including the pillars of Islam, stories of the prophets, Islamic manners and etiquette, and much more.
    • Students gain a holistic understanding of the faith, allowing them to develop a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge.
  4. Quran Tafseer:
    • Our Quran Tafseer classes delve into the profound meanings of the Quranic verses, instilling a deeper appreciation and connection with the words of Allah.
    • Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the context, lessons, and wisdom embedded within the Holy Quran.
  5. Individualized Attention:
    • We believe in personalized learning, and our small class sizes enable our instructors to give individual attention to each student.
    • Students receive guidance, support, and feedback tailored to their needs, ensuring optimal progress.
  6. Interactive class:
    • Our classes are interactive. We are having group classes for short courses and one on one lessons for Quran tajweed/recitation and Quran Tfaseer.
  7. Activity-based work:
    • Our teaching relies on an activity-based style. Our teaching style includes crafting, worksheets, practical implications, and mind-mapping, videos.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to embark on a remarkable journey of Islamic knowledge and Quranic understanding. Enroll them in 121 Islam for Kids’ Online Islamic Studies Classes and Quran Tafseer today! Together, let’s nurture their love for Islam and empower them with a strong foundation that will guide them throughout their lives.


Quran classes:

We have online quran tajweed, recitation, and Quran Hifz classes for children. One-on-one classes with Qualified teachers.

Quran Tafseer classes:

Short and Easy to understand Quran translation and tafseer will be taught to the young learners. Infographics, mindmaps, work by word tajweed and meanings, stories, and duas are included in these classes.

Hadith with Stories course consists of 30 short hadith 

It’s a personality development course for children with interesting stories. 30 short hadiths would be taught with stories. We have worksheets to solve after learning hadiths for implications.

Prayer for kids course :

A short course to teach about taharat, Gusal, wudu, times of prayers, number and names of prayers, pillars, conditions of prayer, and method of prayer.

Kindness to Parents:

1-week course to teach the rights of parents with practical work. Dua and how to be kind to parents is included in this course.

6 articles on the Muslim faith:

Faiths/Muslim beliefs would be taught one by one with the help of mind maps and stories in the Quran.

Islamic dress code:

Islamic rules of dressing, Aurah/covering body rules, and modesty dressing will be included in this one-week course.

Ramzan Boost course:

1 month before Ramzan we start this course. Everything about fasting rules and supplication with the Ramzan checklist and daily to-do list is included in this course.

Faith boosts course in December to say NO MARYY CHRISTMAS:

Stories of faith by the Quran will be added in this course with basic articles of faith in this course.

Enrolments Available

All courses Are available to start as in one on one classes. Please have a look at our group courses continued here.

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