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Surah AL-Qaria| Word meanings and Tafsir with various activities. Step-by-step guide for teachers. Quran house of tafsir for kids.

Very Easy and amazing method of Tafseer for kids. This Surah is in the last juz of Quran. We teach from three books of tafseer for kids. 1. My first Quran with pictures, my first Quran storybook, and 3 Islamic education grade 3 and grade 4 by Daruslam. This is a step-by-step guide of Surah AL-Qaria with word meanings and tafsir and various activities.

These are our online group classes for Muslim kids. All the work done in the classes of tafseer for kids has been shared in this post. let’s see step by step.

Step 1. Recitation and Introduction of Sura Al-Qari’ah

Al-Qari’ah is the name of the Day of Judgement. The purpose revelation of this surah is that it will be revealed to the infidels of Makkah to keep away from their stubbornness and unjustified behavior which was the biggest obstacle to their conversion to Islam. This story is a picture of the day of judgment. It tells how the action scaled would be scaled.

Step 2. Word-to-word Translation

quran house

We start Surah with recitation and then we do word-to-word translation. With the picture book we explain the verses and do some activities. so We do word to word translation in 2 or 3 days. So that we can do other activities during this. Children have to start memorizing the surah and word meanings step by step.

Step 3. Infographic and Full translation sura Qari’aa‘.

During verse by verse translation children also do infographics. During this surah first they drew the resurrection scene in two parts. And then action scale and their reward.

Infographic helps in memorizing translation and its also good for long term memory.

With the help of drawings, children draw images of the Qur’an in their hands but hearts and minds. Which is the favorite activity of the children.

Step 4. Chapter of Sura/Tafseer For kids

Then we did a chapter of surah for detailed commentary of Surah Qari’a. We have already done some tafseer with the picture book during word-to-word translation. Now we just read and explain a bit more.

Children were eager to know about the day of judgement when their good and bad deeds would be scaled. How big would be action book? How people would react? How body parts will speak? Where people would be gathered.

There were a lot of questions from the children. In the chapter on surah we also get some points to make mind map.

Step 5. Discussion/exercise

On this day, We recite and complete memorization. Because the lesson that is memorized by repetition is imprinted in the subconscious of the children forever.

We do revision of word to word translation, tafseer and the topic of the surah again and then we do exercises related the sora Qari’a from book۔

In story time a story ‘Musa A.S ad burning bush was told to the children. The purpose of the selecting this story was to strength their faith on the day of judgment. Children would learn that standing in front of Allah is not unbelievable.

Even in this world, Prophet were happen to talk with the Allah. So we will also stand in font of Allah with our actions. Another story ‘Prophet Uzayr’s donkey was Also told. This story was related with the belief that how we will be alive again after death.

Step 7. Activities we did in the class

During the all lessons of the Surah we did some activities. Like….

Activity 1. Paper activity to explain verse no 4. Small pieces of paper were placed on their palms. Then they blow those pieces. What happed? All the pieces were scattered here and there.

The purpose of this activity was to tell the children that on the Day of Resurrection people will scattered like those papers.

Activity 2. This activity was making a craft or drawing to show lightness of heavy, high mountains . The mountains would fly like fluffed cotton. So we used cotton to show how mountains would look like that day.

Activity 3. Action scale was prepared. And children had to add their good and bad deeds for a week. And end the of the week they got their action scale. Now they were able to judge which scale is heavy

Step 8. Mind map of the Sorah Qari’a۔

So we do mind map after completing the Surah. We collect our information and points from the Surah to make mind map. We also do use mind maps from here are some points from the mind map. Theme of this sorah is preparation of the Day of Judgement. This surah consists of eleven verses.

Surah Al-Qari’ah is a Makki Surah which was revealed before the Hijrah .(The children were made to understand that there is a difference between Maki and Madani Qur’an So our leading scholars say that the Makki Qur’an is that which was revealed before the migration and madni Quran after the migration. )

Many thanks to God who helped me as a teacher to teach children the sura of the Qur’an. Thank God that the children also learned from the Qur’an and participated in all the activities.s I pray that the Qur’an becomes a part of the character of these children. Amen

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Tafseer for kids group class are available online for all time zones. Recommended age for the class tafseer for kids is 9+. These classes are available in English and Urdu. If you want to enrol your child in our classes contact us via.



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