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Day 2. Lesson No 2

Hadith no 1. Sahih Al Bukhari no1: “Good intentions”


Introduction of Hadith about Intentions

Hadith is ”Our Actions depend on our good intentions”. Sahih Bukhari no 1

Story:- The house of a Sahabi

Once upon a time, a man constructs a new house, he was living in a small house, which he did not like, so for a new house, he wants to have every system which does not create any problems for him while living.

He keeps the window in the house no doubt it was a beautiful house, everyone liked it,  a man passing nearby sees the house and observed that there is a beautiful  window in the house which opens outside he praised his house and asked the owner humbly


Why did you keep this window outside in your house?

What is your intention to make this window?

The owner replied I want to make my house perfect I keep this window so that fresh air and sunlight can enter my house,

The other man said it’s good but if you intend to hear the voice of Azaan from the window u would get a reward for good intentions, as sunlight and air would get inside,, if you don’t Intend even then u can get them, but on your good intension to hear the voice of azan you could get both, reward from Allah and air with sunlight from the window …

So dear kids moral of this story is

Always keep your intentions good to get rewarded for your actions.

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